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As a cabin leader, you will receive a thorough training on your first day of the outdoor education program before you meet your group of students. If you want to start preparing some games beforehand, here are a few of our Walker Creek favorites to have in your back pocket for cabin time or any time your kids are starting to get bored!

Name Zap: an awesome game that gets kids to learn each other’s names while still having fun!

Get everybody in a circle and start the game by pointing at a person and saying Zap! The person who has been zapped must duck down, and the two people to their right and left must quickly turn and face each other, and say the other person’s name first. The person who says the name second, or can’t remember their name, is out and sits down. The winner then zaps a new person, who ducks down and their neighbors try to say each other’s names, and the game continues until only two people are left.

Fire Keeper: a game about sneak-walking, and gets kids to work on being quiet and listening

For this game you will need a bandana and a small object like a stuffed animal for the “Giant.” Introduce the game with a story about how there is a greedy Giant, who has fire (the stuffed animal) but doesn’t want to share it with humankind. This greedy giant has no eyes, but to make up for it has excellent hearing – better even than a rabbit! This giant could hear a mouse’s footsteps a hundred feet away. The giant spends all day and night guarding the fire, trying to keep any humans from sneaking in and stealing it. Do you think any of you could sneak up on the blind giant and steal the fire back for civilization?

Choose a fire keeper, or giant, and have them stand in the middle of a big circle made up by everybody else, the humans. The “fire” should be placed about half a foot away from the giant on the ground. Silently point to somebody who has been chosen to steal fire for humankind. They must try to creep into the center of the circle and steal the fire without being tagged by the giant. The giant will be listening as hard as they can, but cannot move. Their feet must stay planted in the same spot, and if they hear the human, try to tag them. The round is over either when the human successfully brings fire back to the humans in the rest of the circle, or if the giant catches the human. You then pick a new giant to blindfold, and a new round begins.

Everybody stands in a circle with their arms crossed across their chest. Using a small stuffed animal, the object of the game is to get somebody out in one of two ways: either to get them to “flinch,” or uncross their arms by faking a throw at them; or actually throwing it to them but they drop it. Emphasize that if you do throw it, it must be underhand and considered a good throw in order for it to count as an out. If somebody flinches when a throw was faked at them, or if they drop the stuffed animal, they squat down in the circle and are out. The game continues until only one person is left

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